3D Systems launches DMP 500 Build Changeover Station and adds new copper alloys

3D Systems launches DMP 500 Build Changeover Station and adds new copper alloys

3D Systems, Rock Hill, South Carolina, USA, has showcased a range of Additive Manufacturing solutions at the Rapid+TCT 2023 show, including a new build changeover station for its metal AM machines and the addition of two new copper alloys, GRCop-42 and CuCr1Zr.

The new DMP Build Changeover Station is a standalone module that facilitates a quick turnaround of 3D Systems’ large-format DMP Factory 500 AM machine, reducing the time it takes to switch between materials to a matter of minutes. The DMP Build Changeover Station allows the user to depowder a finished build, remove the base plate with a printed part, add fresh powder, install a new base plate, and prepare a removable print module to launch the next job.

3D Systems also announced the addition of two copper alloys to its portfolio, Certified GRCop-42 and Certified Copper-Chrome-Zirconium (CuCr1Zr). Certified GRCop-42 is specifically designed for high-temperature, high-thermal transfer applications found in rocket engines, where high strength is also required. Parts produced in GRCop-42 maintain their mechanical properties at highly elevated temperatures (typical service temperature range of 400°C to 600°C, depending upon the strength and creep requirements for the sustained duration of the load). The addition of this material to 3D Systems’ portfolio expands the range of applications customers can address with the DMP platform to include high-performance combustion applications in aerospace and space.

CuCr1Zr is ideal for heat management applications with a structural component where both high thermal conductivity and strength are required such as heat exchangers (Courtesy 3D Systems)

Certified CuCr1Zr (A) is a common copper alloy offering high strength, and high thermal and electrical conductivity. Heat treatment can be used as a post-processing method to enhance the strength and conductivity of parts produced with this material. Customers using this material can collaborate with 3D Systems’ Application Innovation Group (AIG) which has deep expertise in tuning heat treatment parameters to meet specific application requirements. Marrying strength and electrical conductivity is said to render CuCr1Zr an ideal solution for complex heat management systems as well as electrical applications that also serve a structural function such as heat exchangers, cooling systems, induction coils, and electrical contacts.

Due to its unique vacuum chamber architecture which maintains a low-oxygen environment (<25ppm), 3D Systems’ DMP 350 platform – especially the DMP Factory 350 – is ideal for working with copper alloys which are susceptible to oxygen-pickup.

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