China’s March copper output jumps 14% on-year – Antaike

China’s March copper output jumps 14% on-year – Antaike

China’s copper cathode output in March jumped 14% from a year ago thanks to newly established capacity and sufficient raw materials supply, state-backed research house Antaike said late on Tuesday.

Production at 22 smelters surveyed by Antaike, with a total capacity of 11.12 million tonnes, or 926,667 tonnes per month, and accounting for 82% of China’s total capacity, was at 858,900 tonnes last month.

That marked a monthly increase of 3.2%.

The higher-than-expected March output was attributed to sufficient raw materials supply in domestic market, especially anode copper, and production from newly added capacity, which largely offset production disruptions caused by maintenance at a few companies, Antaike said in the note.

Copper cathode output this month will maintain its growth to reach 859,500 tonnes, although some smelters have started maintenance.

April output is expected to rise 14.9% versus the same period a year ago, Antaike said. Smelter activity in China was curtailed in April 2022 because of China’s COVID-19 restrictions.

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