TECH Project high-grade nickel is primed to fuel the global green transition

TECH Project high-grade nickel is primed to fuel the global green transition

Queensland Pacific Metals’ TECH Project is positioned to become the world’s premier source of high-grade, ethically derived nickel to power the green transition.

The era of electrification is well and truly upon us, with countries around the world ramping up their production and uptake of electric vehicles (EVs) and green energy alternatives to decarbonise the planet and combat climate change. However, this substantial paradigm shift to net-zero technologies will rely on robust supply chains of critical metals – supply chains that Queensland Pacific Metals’ (QPM) flagship TECH Project can safeguard.

Critical metals are the essential ingredients in a range of technologies that will fuel the green transition, such as solar panels, wind turbines, and the batteries that power EVs. As the EV industry continues to grow, battery demand to power clean transport will increase as society shifts away from environmentally damaging combustion-engine vehicles.

However, to ensure the transition to green transport is truly sustainable, it is imperative that the critical metals used in EV batteries are sustainably sourced and produced. This is the overarching philosophy of QPM, which is ensuring the sustainable production of various battery metals, including nickel, cobalt, high purity alumina, and hematite.

QPM’s primary objective is to reinforce the nickel industry, a primary component of lithium-ion batteries. Market research predicts that its use in lithium-ion batteries will soon represent the second-largest end-use market for this critical metal and provides several benefits to EV batteries, improving the overall economics and market appeal.

QPM’s TECH Project is poised to become a leading contributor of high-grade, ethically derived, advanced nickel for the global supply chain. Boasting an array of innovative technologies, responsible management of resources, and a socially and environmentally aware team, QPM is uniquely positioned to make the planet cleaner, greener, and sustainable.

The industry-leading TECH Project infrastructure

QPM’s 100% owned Townsville Energy Chemicals Hub (TECH) Project is set to become a leading supplier of high-grade, ethically derived advanced battery materials. The Queensland Government declared it a ‘Prescribed Project’, meaning the TECH Project is significantly important to Queensland or a region, particularly economically or socially.

This modern and sustainable battery metals refinery will be located 40km south of Townsville, in northern Queensland, at the Lansdown Eco-Industrial Precinct – Northern Australia’s first environmentally sustainable advanced manufacturing, processing, and technology hub.

The precinct is heavily industrial and well-supported with existing infrastructure, including water and gas pipelines, an electricity transmission network, fibre optic communications, and road train and rail access to Townsville Port, together with quality engineering services and skilled labour, making it an ideal location for the Project.

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